Christian Jokes… (Strictly Nigerian)

no mind them, we said this post was strictly Nigerian because we know say people for Obodo-oyinbo no dey fit understand our Broken English …

My pastor say make we no dey talk fowl language. so i was wondering “wait, shey fowl get language ni? if yes, duck-language nko? and pigeon language? monkey language, we free to talk those ones bah?

Ehn ehn..  na wa for this church people them o…. for church na only two name dem dey call person.. if you good, they call you sheep, if you bad they call you goat…. wetin nah? must i bear animal name to go heaven?

one-day na so my pastor dey teach for sunday school, he say action dey cause reaction so bible says “do unto others what you want them to do to you” . i dey enjoy the class dey go o… until he come mention example… he bring me wey huge well well comot come call one small bro too. he come say “see these two people now for instance, if this small brother (me) slap this other brother (the tiny brother), what will be the reaction?

na so the brother say he go slap me, na hin i laugh… you go fit? i no slap you well na why you wan retaliate, if i give u correct slap… na ambulance go drive you comot..