Pray Away


you can pray away your fears an worries. When you feel threatened, pray harder, when sad, invoke a smile. you have to call upon the essence of a happy spirit to overcome the negative influence in an average bad day. maybe you will find it difficult to forget about your problems if you sit alone thinking about them, but what if you walk into a gathering of Gods people and let us utilize our combined joy in pulling you out of agony. Christians are happy people, we smile a lot, we carry the reflection of Christ, we are gentle, loving and calm. If you come into our gatherings the impact of our hospitality will make you feel at home. you will never be alone, no matter what you do Christ, myself and the rest of the church  (worldwide non-denominational) will be at your disposal.


you’ve been panicking lately, maybe you just need to pray more. feel the Spirit my friend, when you come to God, you are home #TheAltar

psalm 122 vs 1: I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.